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Minor precip chances next few days

A sure sign of spring on the way is the noticeable change in the length of the day! Just a month ago, the sun was setting just after 5 pm and today it will set close to 6 pm! We've gained nearly an hour and a half in the last month, and we'll gain another hour and a half in the next month!

We have a bit of a drizzly outlook for the week: some small waves of energy will be moving through and sparking up a few sprinkles or flurries, depending on the temperatures.

Most of the precip activity will be in the evenings and overnight. A few scattered flurries are possible late tomorrow night, and some drizzly mixing late on Friday and Saturday. A bit more organized system will bring snow into the region Sunday afternoon and evening.

Temperatures will be staying comfortable for the remainder of the month. However, notice that overnight temperatures will drop below freezing which will cause melted snow to turn into ice! So be careful walking in parking lots or on sidewalks as black ice is likely, especially in the mornings.

Amanda Morgan

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