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‘TURNING OF THE DIAL’: Minnesotans anticipate rollback of restrictions

Skyway in downtown Rochester

ROCHESTER, Minn. (FOX 47) -- Monday will bring more normalcy to Minnesotans with loosened COVID-19 restrictions.

In Olmsted County, residents are excited to return to some of their favorite places after a tough year.

"I think it's great. It's been a long year," said Rochester resident Tabatha Morfitt.

It's been tough not just for adults, but children as well.

"He's really good at wearing his mask," Morfitt said about her young child. "We're telling him people are sick and we need to take precautions so we don't get sick. He's actually been pretty understandable about it."

Kids have also had to adjust to distance learning and not going to school.

"My son loves learning," said Oronoco resident RJ Dotson. "He had a hard time the first week or so. Now, he's alright and doing good."

As businesses are allowed to reopen or expand capacity, many hope a full reopening will be coming soon.

"Yes, definitely hoping for the summer to be open, do stuff and be around people again," Dotson said.

Olmsted County residents are happy things are opening back up and returning to normal. They're also not complaining about an extra $1,400 check coming their way.

"How else can you feel? That's going to help out a lot," Dotson said. "It's going to get us up and running. It's appreciated. I think it's a good thing. It's going to help people get back to the way things were."

Of course, a lot depends on how many people get vaccinated before a variant causes rapid spread.

"I mean the variants are a little concerning but I think if everybody does their part, we'll slowly get there," Morfitt said.

It means following health guidelines and taking it a day at a time.

"Try to stay safe and live your life the best way you can in this world the way it is now," Dotson advises.

Starting Monday, certain gatherings will be allowed, up to 50 outdoors and 15 indoors, regardless of household. Even with relaxed restrictions, Minnesotans are still asked to wear masks, keep socially distant and work from home if possible.

Alex Tejada

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