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Expanded vaccine distribution brings out young and old

ROCHESTER, Minn. (FOX 47) -- Tuesday was a day so many Minnesotans have been waiting for; a chance for anyone 16 or older to get their COVID-19 vaccine.

"I feel relived. I feel good. I feel happy to have gotten this done, finally," 54-year-old Lori Miller said after receiving her shot. "I've been looking forward to this for a long time."

From teens to people in their twenties and even fifties; the waiting room at Hy-Vee's West Circle Drive pharmacy was packed with eager Minnesotans ready to roll up their sleeves.

"I always get a little anxious when it comes to shots," 19-year-old Ce Wahlen said. "But I know in the end it's going to help a lot. Not only with myself, but just getting past this time feeling like we are stuck. It's nice to fee like we're moving forward."

No matter what your age, the motivation to get vaccinated stays the same: it's a step closer to "normal."

"Kids getting back to school. People living life like we used to," Miller said. "It's been a year now I'm kind of over it."

"It's not a normal time. Pandemics don't happen all the time," 29-year-old Riley Shields said. "It's a unique situation. It's a bummer to take away a year and lose all of those opportunities. I feel bad for those college or high schoolers who are missing out on those big life events."

Graduating high school in 2020 and now a college freshman, Wahlen isn't sure what "normal" even feels like.

"I didn't get to see a graduation or prom," she said. "But, it did make me value the time that I did have and that I definitely had a full extent in high school. Hopefully soon, I'll get to see those things again in college life."

Hy-Vee pharmacists ask that patients do not call them to schedule an appointment. They should instead make an appointment online here.

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