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Showers & storms move in tonight

Dry conditions persisted through the majority of the day today, with a few isolated storms during the afternoon to the north of Rochester. Rain will begin to push into the region later this evening, around 7-8 p.m.

Showers will begin scattered and become more widespread for Wednesday morning. This is likely when we'll see the heaviest rainfall, and pick up a good portion of our accumulation. A few storms are possible during the afternoon that could bring some gusty winds, but no severe weather is expected.

Showers will be off and on throughout Wednesday afternoon through the evening and into Thursday. By Thursday evening, most of the region will have received about a half-inch to an inch of rain, a chance for slightly higher totals in more northern cities.

Scattered, light showers will continue through Friday, becoming more isolated on Saturday but accumulations will likely be minimal and won't add much to our overall totals. We'll finally see some drier conditions for Sunday before the rain returns on Monday.

Temperatures will steadily decline thanks to rain-cooled air and winds shifting out of the north. Even though high temps will seem cool compared to the 70s and 80s we've been enjoying, our average high temperatures for early April are actually in the low 50s.

Amanda Morgan

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