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George Floyd’s legal team and family react to Chauvin verdict

MINNEAPOLIS (FOX47) — Spirits were high in the wake of the Derek Chauvin guilty verdict. George Floyd’s family believes the final decision was not only a win for them, but also a win for the country.

“America, let this be the precedent. Let this be the precedent where we live up to the high ideals and the promises when we say ‘liberty and justice for all,’” said Ben Crump, the Floyd family attorney.

Floyd’s brother says the video that shocked the world of George’s death spoke for itself.

“It was a motion picture, with the world seeing his life being extinguished. And I could do nothing but watch, especially in that courtroom over and over and over again as my brother was murdered,” said Philonese Floyd.

Though Floyd’s team was certainly pleased with the outcome of the trial, they also acknowledged that the verdict will not bring Floyd back to life.

“We don’t find pleasure in this, we don’t celebrate a man going to jail. We would’ve rather that George be alive,” said Rev. Al Sharpton.

And on trying to achieve justice and equality for all, they agreed there was much work left to do. They mentioned Daunte Wright’s recent death.

“But the war and the fight is not over. Just two days from now, we’re going to have to deal with the funeral of Daunte Wright in this same county, the same area. We still have cases to fight, but this gives us the energy to fight on, and we are determined that we’re going to fight,” said Sharpton.

Noah Caplan

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