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Chlorine shortage could impact summer swimming plans

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ROCHESTER, Minn. (FOX 47) –A national chlorine shortage due to an August fire at a chemical plant in Louisiana is expected to hurt pools this summer.

“It’s very important in pools. It helps keep bacteria and viruses at bay,” said Josh Hougen, facility coordinator for the Rochester Athletic Club (RAC).

Fortunately for the RAC, the shortage won’t be a big issue.

“It mostly affects Tricore chlorine which is not something we use here,” Hougen said. “We’ll have minimal effect from it.”

The RAC has two indoor pools that use salt water.

“It basically turns the salt into a chlorine gas,” Hougen said.

There is also one outdoor pool that opens Memorial Day weekend. That pool is used with calcium hypochlorite.

That is an erosion feeder. That’s a chlorine puck, that’s basically what it is. It erodes into the water,” Hougen said.

Those are two options people who will be impacted by the shortage could use.

One thing that’s for certain, summer swimming is a go to activity.

“It’s a way to get outside and cool down and enjoy the weather while staying cool,” Hougen said.

Managers at several other pool facilities across southeast Minnesota are not sure yet how or if the shortage will impact them.

FOX 47 also reached out to a pool chemical supplier but did not get a response.

KaMaria Braye

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