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Walz plans to give update Thursday on dialing back statewide COVID-19 restrictions

MINNEAPOLIS (FOX47) — Minnesota Gov. Tim Walz has discussed plans to announce an update on dialing back COVID-19 restrictions in the state on Thursday.

Walz discussed this at a news conference on Tuesday where he called on the Minnesota Legislature to pass his summer learning plan in the state’s COVID-19 Recovery Budget.

“Thursday’s announcement should go a long ways, I think, to moving things forward,” Walz said “We are coming close the the end, but I ask Minnesotans, we’ve got just a little ways to go here. The finish line is there.”

He said he hopes on Thursday the state will be prepared to make an announcement on where Minnesota is with COVID-19.

“This summer is gonna look a little different than certainly last summer,” Walz said. “We’re gonna be back in the stadiums, we’re gonna be back in swimming pools. We’re gonna be doing the things that we should be doing in summer.”

“We’re getting close here to starting to get in a place where the maintenance of COVID is kind of down the list of things that we have to do,” Walz said. “Minnesotans have done an incredible job.”

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