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Family of Rochester shooting victim says he’s recovering

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ROCHESTER, Minn. (FOX 47) — A man is in stable condition following a shooting in Rochester, on Sunday.

Terah Washington, 28, is recovering at Mayo Clinic Saint Marys after being shot. The family says his condition has stabilized after initially being in critical condition.

Banks (left) and Washington (right)

Washington and his friend Todd Banks Jr., 28, was shot in downtown after a fight broke out following a dice game.

Banks did not survive.

The mother and grandmother of Washington’s children spoke with FOX 47 about his recovery.

“He had been intubated the whole time that he had been there,” said Endia Clark, the mother of his children. “I told him that I loved him and I was sorry for every thing that happened.”

At the time of the incident, Endia was on duty as a paramedic for Mayo Clinic Ambulance Service.

“I heard the dispatch go off for a shooting downtown for two victims,” she said.

Another team responded but soon after a family friend informed her that call was for someone she knows.

“He said, ‘They shot Terah.’ And I said, ‘What?’ And he said, ‘sis, they shot Terah.’ And from that moment I just went and picked up my radio and said ‘we gotta go. We gotta go right now.’ I started crying. I just couldn’t believe him out of all people,” said Endia.

“He got shot in his arm, side, and his leg,” said Shakita Clark, Endia’s mother.

She also said although Terah is in pain, his personality hasn’t changed.

“Terah is a fun-loving person. He loves to have fun,” Shaketa said. “He’s actually joking. I talked to him on the phone and I told him that I love him and he said, ‘I love you too mama.”

Shaketa als said it will take time for him to process what happened.

“He’s going to be going through a lot considering he lost his best friend. That trauma along with his trauma to his body. He’s going to need some help,” she said.

Endia, Datavion, Terah, and Nakaiylah

Endia said it’s been tough for the children but they’re helping their dad stay strong.

“His son said ‘I love you dad. I hope you get better soon.’ Then his daughter said, ‘I love you dad. You don’t let nobody get to you,’” Endia said. “He laughed and he smiled about that, and he told us that he loved us. And It was real nice to hear that and know that the breathing tube had came out after two days.”

The community created a makeshift memorial in honor of Banks and to support Washington on his road to recovery.

The memorial is located at 1st Avenue and 3rd Street SW the location where the men were shot.

KaMaria Braye

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