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Cascade Lake Beach temporarily closed

ROCHESTER, Minn. (FOX 47) — After routine tests of the water at Cascade Lake by the Rochester Parks & Recreation Department, the department decided to close the beach to swimmers.

The reason is due to increased bacteria in the water, specifically E. Coli.

While bacteria is naturally occurring in fresh bodies of water such as Cascade Lake, the E. Coli bacteria levels were higher than what is considered standard level.

Officials are closing the beach until bacteria levels return to acceptable levels for the safety of swimmers.

The department says the increased levels are due to extreme heat in shallow bodies of water, excessive rainfall and wildlife in the lake are all contributing factors.

“We take seriously our role in ensuring our parks and recreation facilities are safe for our residents and visitors,” said Parks & Recreation Director Paul Widman. “As such, we have been taking the needed steps as the bacteria levels have been monitored.”

Zach Fuller

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