Moms on the Run: Rochester running group focuses on motherhood, fitness and fun

Tears, diapers, appointments, toys. Raising 2 and 7-year-old boys, while working full-time, leaves Jessica Molstad with not a lot of fee time on her hands.

"They are very active," Molstad said. "They are all boy."

After having her first son, she decided to do something for herself and went for a run. After realizing she wanted to learn more about the best trails and spots to run in town she stumbled upon Moms on the Run.

"It just said like group of women…fun, friendship, and fitness," she said.

Shortly after she joined the group and has now been a member since 2012.

"It’s just kind of a way to get out of the house and do something for myself because taking care of the kids all the time it’s nice to do something for me," she said. "Some people say running is cheaper than therapy and it kind of is. I mean you get out on your own you don’t have to worry about who needs something to eat or I have to change this diaper."

Moms on the Run meets twice a week rain or shine. They meet twice for interval training and once for an endurance run. They also compete in different races together.

"I went to my first race and didn’t know anyone," Bridget Carter said.  "I was like I want friends, I want a running community so I joined it so I had a community to run with. Now I go to races and I know tons of people so it’s fun."

Like Molstad, Carter is a working mom with two boys ages 8 and 11. She joined moms on the run in 2013.

"I want my kids to see that I can be active, still be a mom, and still be working while balancing everything," Carter said.

For the women, it’s more than just a running group. Aside from running and training, they share recipes, enjoy ladies nights out, rock climb, and of course share advice on both running and motherhood.

"There’s some moms that don’t work outside of the home and it’s just an outlet to get together and just share like ‘Oh my gosh my child is still wetting the bed what do I do?!’" Carter said. "It’s just an outlet to exchange everything."
The group is open to non-moms and people who aren’t seasoned runners.

"I’ve done things I never thought I’d do," Carter said. "I never thought I’d run a marathon and I ran a marathon. I never thought I’d run for two days straight and I did that."

"It is about running, but its just a lot of fun to get to know people, to get out there, to do your best, and to have somebody encourage you in your running career," Molstad said. "It’s so nice to have that accountability and to have fun."

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