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Amidst frigid temperatures, learning continues for Rochester homeschool families

ROCHESTER, Minn. (FOX47) – A majority of kids in Southeast Minnesota enjoyed their third consecutive day off from school Wednesday due to snow and bitter cold. However, not all kids are sleeping in or spending the day relaxing.

Chelley Saski says she enjoys getting to learn about her favorite subject (math) while staying in her pajamas and using her heated blanket

Learning continues for many homeschool families in spite of what’s happening outside. That’s the case for Rochester’s Saski family who call their homeschooling site “Birmingham Academy”.

“On a day like today all of the activities are cancelled and we can actually get more school done and have a more productive day being cozy at home,” said Karmen Saski, teacher and mother of five at Birmingham Academy.

“People can stay in their pajamas if they want to and we can just relax and be cozy in front of the fireplace and be comfortable and yet still be getting our school done so it’s a good deal.”

For the students of Birmingham Academy, the chance to personalize their schedule gives them unique opportunities that others may not get to receive.

16-year-old Maria Saski is already taking classes at RCTC and Northwestern University.

“It gives us something to do when it’s cold out or yeah there’s flexibility so we can take breaks,” said 16-year-old Maria Saski who’s already taking classes at RCTC and Northwestern University.

“I’d say there’s a little bit of jealousy but I also say that we still get to be at home in PJ’s and still cozy.”

Pictured left to right: Maria, Annika, Olivia, Naika are 4 of the 5 student of Birmingham Academy.

Maria is joined by her sisters Annika, Olivia, Naika and Chelley who all say they enjoy doing activities from playing volleyball to singing in choir.

“You know just having fun and singing to show we make lots of friends. We can just have fun.” Said Naika

Karmen says despite the challenges that can arise, being her children’s primary educator is a rewarding experience.

“It’s worth it to see your child learn how to read. It’s worth it to see them succeed that they’ve struggled with and to be able to spend that time with them that is really so limited.”

Jack Keenan

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