Officials called to Owatonna High School after offensive social media posts led to lockdown

OWATONNA, Minn. (FOX 47) – Offensive comments on social media from the weekend led to a lockdown Monday afternoon at Owatonna High School.

Owatonna Public Schools Superintendent Jeff Elstad said the incident began over the weekend with some students making inappropriate and offensive comments through social media.

Elstad said that led to a “highly emotionally charged” environment at the school Monday, which caused local law enforcement to step in and de-escalate the situation.

The campus was put on lockdown for about an hour.

Students said that at times, things did become physical, with some students trying to rush the school office.

Elstad said solutions towards these situations can begin at home.

“They were offensive comments and you know we’re constantly trying to find ways to help our students monitor themselves. It’s all of our jobs,” said Elstad.

Owatonna Public Schools Superintendent Jeff Elstad

“One thing I always urge parents to do is tonight is a great opportunity for you to reflect and check in on your students or your kids social media because their help with this is golden. Trying to educate kids is not just a school district job, it’s all of our jobs.”

Parents were reportedly notified of the lockdown as soon as possible.

No weapons or injuries have been reported and school did come back into session following the incident.

Elstad said staff is in the process of investigating further.



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