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Some Olmsted County roads still closed due to recent heavy rainfall

NEAR BYRON, Minn. (FOX 47) – Some Olmsted County roads remain closed as of Tuesday night, due to all the heavy rain over the past two weeks.

Olmsted County Highway Maintenance Engineer Chad Schuman says drainage systems were overloaded. “With such a heavy rainfall event we had local flooding and then we had kind of the rivers flooding and so with the local events you know it was more isolated and the smaller culverts couldn’t handle it and than we had over topping with the roads and a lot of damage because of that,” said Schuman.

Construction crews are fixing the roads by reusing some materials that the torrential rain washed away. “We try and take the materials thats been washed down and reuse that in the lower parts pf the road if we can and than in the upper parts we’ll have to bring in some new gravel maybe some breaker run to try and hold it in a little bit better,” said Schuman.

Some of the roads closed as of Tuesday include:

Schuman says with all damage, it might take a week or two to finish repairs.

The County is hoping it can get assistance from a disaster relief fund, but that can only be accessed if the damage cost tops $200,000.

Ubah Ali

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