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Rochester Mayor Kim Norton pledges to lead the city into a sustainable future

ROCHESTER, Minn. (FOX 47) -- Monday night, outside of the city council chambers, Rochester Mayor Kim Norton continued her work to help preserve the planet.

The mayor is introducing a sustainability pledge for the city, encouraging residents to commit to small steps to be more eco-friendly.

Mayor Norton says this was one of the big pieces of her platform she ran on, and this was one way to roll out some of the changes they have been making internally.

She says it's not always easy or feasible for people to make big changes all at once, so she wants to encourage people to pick a couple small things, like recycling or using less energy.

For Mayor Norton it's knowing she can't control the world, but that she can help build a more resilient community.

"We can control this city. We know the city of Rochester is a science community, we believe in the science and we want to do something. So city's are where the leadership is happening all across this country and I'm gonna help our community be apart of that movement," said Norton.

At the event, they handed out pledge cards that listed different ideas or ways people can get involved in helping to create a more sustainable world.

Holden Krusemark

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