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2019 was full of weather records

2019 was full of record-breaking weather events. Two of the biggest records broken this year involved precipitation. 2019 set the record for being the wettest calendar year.

From January 1st to December 31st, Rochester received 55.16" of precipitation (all precip). This crushed the previous record in 1990 of 43.94" of precipitation. Making 2019 the wettest calendar year on record.

Do you remember how snowy the beginning of 2019 was? Well, that helped make 2019 the snowiest year on record. Snowfall accumulations for the year reached 92" beating the previous record set in 1985 of 85" of snow.

February of 2019 was the biggest contributor to the 92" of snow. In the month of February, 40" of snow fell at the Rochester International Airport. That set the monthly record for snowfall accumulations in February for Rochester.

Rochester also saw a record tumble this fall. Rochester set the all-time wettest meteorological autumn (Sept 1 - Nov 30) record with 16.95" of precipitation.

It's been a year of weather records in Rochester for 2019. Let's see what 2020 holds for us! Happy New Year!

Nick Jansen

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