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Local churches bring “Ashes to Go” to downtown Rochester

ROCHESTER, Minn. (FOX47)-- Area churches participated in "Ashes to Go" for Ash Wednesday.

It is part of a growing movement across the country with the goal of bringing the sacrament of Ash Wednesday to people who may not be able to go a traditional Ash Wednesday service.

It was Rochester's Calvary Episcopal Church's first year giving ashes to people passing by on the street. Their location across from Mayo Clinic gives them a unique population to serve.

"There are people who have a faith community or have lost touch with their faith community but still have this knowledge of the sacrament and of the day," said Rev. Beth Royalty of Calvary Episcopal Church.

Some of the people passing by declined ashes but instead asked to pray together with the church members.

The church will still have traditional Ash Wednesday services.

Megan Zemple

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