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A nice, pleasant weekend ahead

A few isolated storms and showers pushed through the region this afternoon, but many areas unfortunately missed out on the rainfall. However, once the cold front that brought the rain moves through, we'll all be seeing some nicer conditions!

The cold front will switch our winds out of the north, bringing in drier air. That will lower our dew points by nearly 20 degrees! We'll continue to see more comfortable dew points through much of next week, with slightly cooler temperatures as well.

For the weekend, we'll have one cooler day and one hot day. Highs will top off in the mid to low 80s tomorrow, with breezy winds out of the north and plenty of sunshine. The only difference for Sunday will be our wind direction, which will in turn bring in warmer air and raise our temperatures near the 90s.

It'll be another great weekend for the pool or lake, or maybe even a hike now that we won't have to deal with the humidity!

The rest of next week is still looking dry and sunny, with high temperatures ranging from the low 80s to the low 90s.

Amanda Morgan

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